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My friend and colleague Mike Reilly is best known as the “Voice of Ironman.” Thousands of Ironman finishers have had the honor of hearing Mike call their name as they cross the finish line. Earlier this year, Mike announced his 100th Ironman (in New Zealand) which is a huge accomplishment if you know the time and effort that goes into preparing for these events. A few interesting facts you might not know about Mike:

– Working a longer shift than any other sports announcer, Mike announces for 18 hours beginning before the race starts and calling in the very last runner at the 17 hour cutoff mark
– He has been doing this for 23 years as a part time job
– An avid cyclist himself, Mike has announced every Ironman World Championship at Kona and been firsthand witness to every exciting finish
– He spends the week before studying the participant list and learning info about competitors
– Although he has been witness to every exciting finish, the best stories are those of people crossing the finish in the final minutes

I approached 3/GO magazine about his upcoming 100th event because I thought it would make a great story for their readers, and they loved the idea. Paige Dunn, who interviewed Mike, had the pleasure of having him announce her name when she completed her own Ironman years earlier.

The issue came out last month and I have included a link to the article here. I’m a bit delayed in posting this, but it is worth the read and the photos sports photographer John Segesta took are amazing. Enjoy!

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