Dave McGillivray Coverage of Ethos and the Boston Marathon

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I recently had the privilege of getting to know Dave McGillivray whose organization DMSE is producing my client’s upcoming multi-sport races this May 19 and September 22-23, 2012. Best known as the organizer of the Boston Marathon (taking place today!), Dave actually has a long history in the sport of triathlon and Ethos will be the first multi-sport race he has done in years.

LAVA Magazine kindly took the opportunity to write about Ethos and Dave’s involvement in a great interview by Jennifer Ward. The entire interview can be found here. Dave is very articulate and I especially like the following portion of the interview:

So your participation in triathlon led you into the events business.

Yes, one thing led to another and now I’ve directed about 150 races, from the Goodwill Games to World Cups. The last time I directed triathlon was probably about three years ago or so. The business started turning to more of a focus on running and charity walks and the like. I had to look at it from not just a passion but a business perspective. When you can attract five, ten, 20 thousand people to run a 5K road race, versus long-course triathlon with 500 people, well, you don’t have to be a brain surgeon to do the math.

That’s when I got this phone call from Mike O’Neil (owner and producer of the Ethos events). He told me he was starting this new project and wondered if we’d be interested. I asked him what it was and he said triathlon, and at first I was like “Well, I’m not too sure I want to jump back in.” Last year I was voted into the Triathlon Hall of Fame and, well, I know I’ve done a few things in this sport but I also felt a sense of guilt because I hadn’t done anything in the last few years. I thought, “Why am I standing here with Dave Scott and people like that?” I thought if the right opportunity presented itself I might get involved again in a small way. I haven’t done a lot of events in California, and I thought it wasn’t a bad place to be. Plus, I thought that having it all on private property might take the edge off a little in that you don’t have to get a lot of permits. Also knowing that Jarrod Shoemaker would be involved, who’s a friend, I just thought it was a good opportunity. All the stars seemed to align: the right time of year, location, venue, and with the right people involved.

A few triathlon facts you may not have known about Dave McGillivray:

– In 1981, he founded DMSE Sports Inc., and the first event he directed was the 1982 Bay State Triathlon in his native Medford
– Directed at least 150 triathlons including the 1983 Cape Cod Endurance Triathlon, believed to be the first ultra-distance event of its kind in the continental U.S.
– Directed the second-ever ITU World Championship in 1990 in Orlando, Fla. and the 1998 Goodwill Games Triathlon Games in New York City
– Competed in his first of eight Ironman Triathlons in 1980 after reading about the event in Sports Illustrated a year earlier
– Created the New England Triathlon Series in 1984, one of the first triathlon series in the U.S.
– He served on the Board of Directors of USA Triathlon for seven years
– Was the agent to many of the sports biggest stars in the 1980s, including Mike Pigg, Erin Baker, Scott Molina, Karen Smyers, Jan Ripple, Ken Glah and Dave Scott
– He completed the New England Run in 1981, a 1,522-mile triathlon around New England to benefit the Jimmy Fund of Boston, consisting of a daily one-mile swim, 80-mile bike and 20-mile run each day for 32 days. He completed this amazing feat in front of 60,000 spectators in Foxboro Stadium.

I encourage you to check out the Ethos events at www.active-ethos.com and follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

    Hera Hub: Success Secrets of Enterprising Women

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    Felena  Hanson is the founder of Hera Hub, an amazing collaboration space for accomplished, like-minded women. If you are a female entrepreneur looking for a professional, beautiful workspace get work done and also connect with others, this is your place!

    I was honored to be asked by Felena to be on her blog radio show called, “Success Secrets of Enterprising Women.” I don’t know if I shared any secrets, but today I did have the opportunity to share a bit about how I started my business, some of the challenges I faced and what I’ve learned throughout the process. I hope you enjoy!

    Listen to internet radio with HeraHub on Blog Talk Radio

    Be Like Mike

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    My friend and colleague Mike Reilly is best known as the “Voice of Ironman.” Thousands of Ironman finishers have had the honor of hearing Mike call their name as they cross the finish line. Earlier this year, Mike announced his 100th Ironman (in New Zealand) which is a huge accomplishment if you know the time and effort that goes into preparing for these events. A few interesting facts you might not know about Mike:

    – Working a longer shift than any other sports announcer, Mike announces for 18 hours beginning before the race starts and calling in the very last runner at the 17 hour cutoff mark
    – He has been doing this for 23 years as a part time job
    – An avid cyclist himself, Mike has announced every Ironman World Championship at Kona and been firsthand witness to every exciting finish
    – He spends the week before studying the participant list and learning info about competitors
    – Although he has been witness to every exciting finish, the best stories are those of people crossing the finish in the final minutes

    I approached 3/GO magazine about his upcoming 100th event because I thought it would make a great story for their readers, and they loved the idea. Paige Dunn, who interviewed Mike, had the pleasure of having him announce her name when she completed her own Ironman years earlier.

    The issue came out last month and I have included a link to the article here. I’m a bit delayed in posting this, but it is worth the read and the photos sports photographer John Segesta took are amazing. Enjoy!

    Great example of incorporating a popular trend to increase publicity around a major sponsorship

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    Two of my favorite things – running and flash mobs.

    If you’ve ever experienced a flash mob, it probably brought a smile to your face or maybe even made you want to get up and dance a bit. I’ve been fortunate to have experienced a couple and wanted to share this one with you because I think it is a great example of a sponsor tying a sporting event around a popular trend in order to increase awareness of their brand.

    The brand was Dodge, and the flash mob took place a few weeks ago the morning of the Dodge Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon in San Diego. The only recommendation I would have made would have been to incorporate more people in running gear who were not wearing Dodge shirts to keep it a bit more authentic. Enjoy!

    New PR Service for Public Relations Pros

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    Let me start off by saying that like many PR professionals, I am a big fan Business Wire, PRWeb and many of the other established press release distribution services out there. I use them regularly for existing clients and they do an excellent job reaching large audiences and reporters around the country, as well as boosting SEO.

    For the past few years however, I’ve felt like I needed a service that specifically reached  journalists that write about running, triathlon and cycling – not only at the key trade publications, but also at blogs, consumer media outlets and major newspapers around the country.

    And I’m not alone. I know countless companies in the endurance sports market that don’t use a press release distribution service at all or only use when they have major news. This is primarily due to budget restraints and the fact that their releases are not going to the specific publications and reporters they are interested in reaching.

    So two years ago I excitedly created a business plan, set up a Twitter account and Facebook page, and started sharing endurance sports news to see if there was an interest. And because life got in the way, my idea got put on the back burner.

    Fast forward to January 2011 when I decided to launch my own PR agency. Colleagues in the industry were asking me if I had good media lists for the endurance sports industry so I knew it was time to revisit my idea and make it a reality. Today, I’m excited and proud to say that Endurance Sportswire (ESW) is now up and running!

    Each Wednesday (hope to increase to two times a week soon), hundreds of reporters receive press releases that have been posted on Endurance Sportswire by members. Additionally, thousands of people in the endurance market also receive the press releases in an email along with links to a few dozen article about the industry to keep it fresh. People can also view all announcements and industry articles on the Endurance Sportswire website which is updated daily.

    I’ve tried to make the decision to use ESW easy for PR agencies and companies serving the running, cycling and triathlon by keeping the price really low. Companies can send and post unlimited press releases starting at $49/month or $499/year – and it also includes a free 30 day trial.

    If you are a race organization, you now have the freedom to post news about new sponsors, registration opening, event details and race highlights.

    For product manufacturers and exclusive distributors, you can post news about new athletes or teams you’ve signed like 2XU has done. Or alert the industry to new products and even new key hires.

    ESW is also beneficial for service providers, industry organizations, retailers and many more.

    For PR agencies, I have discounted pricing and purposely kept the site separate from my own agency. I consider you a colleague, not a competitor and am excited about helping your firm benefit from this service.

    When you have a moment, please check out the site and sign up for the weekly newsletter as I’d love your feedback. www.endurancesportswire.com.

    Thank you!


    Create Impactful Media Coverage Around Your Next Event

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    A few weeks ago I was fortunate to have the opportunity to conduct one of Active Network’s monthly webinars for race directors. The topic was PR and creating media coverage around their next event.

    I received feedback that people found it valuable and got a lot of good takeaways from the session. It is now available for download on the Active Network website here. Please let me know your thoughts and would love suggestions for future webinars. Thanks!

    Bad PR: When Good Intentions Go Horribly Wrong

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    I’m not sure what made Dell Computer’s sales director think this was a good idea, but it landed him in jail and scared at least 400 employees. To say that this was an internal communications stunt gone awry is an understatement. Full article from KWTX.com below. Your thoughts?

    ROUND ROCK (February 14, 2011)—More than two-dozen Round Rock police officers responded Monday after a series of 911 calls from staff members who reported a masked gunman was inside offices on the Round Rock campus of computer giant Dell.

    The first calls came in at around 10:45 a.m. Monday.

    By just before 11 a.m., Round Rock officers determined that two members of Dell’s sales team had staged an in-house promotional stunt “with little or no notice to co-workers, internal security or office executives.”

    One member of the marketing group wearing dark clothing and a skull-pattern mask held small metallic items aloft as he ran through office areas yelling, “Go to the lobby,” police said.

    Many of the 400-plus witnesses to the incident told police they believed they were under armed threat.

    The man in the mask was identified as Bryan A. Chester, 48, of Austin, who police said, “was apologetic and cooperative.”

    Officers, “confirmed Chester’s account, and were able to determine that the incident was simply a poorly timed series of misperceptions and miscommunications,” Round Rock police said in a press release Monday evening.

    Chester was charged with misdemeanor deadly conduct and was taken to the Williamson County Jail.

    Officers also arrested Daniel Rawson, 36, of Yuma, Ariz., who was charged with misdemeanor interfering with public duties, stemming from what police said was a refusal to comply with police directions or to “provide officers with the location or identity of his cohorts until other colleagues intervened.”

    No one was hurt.

    The incident is under review, police said.

    Upcoming seminars on public relations for the endurance sports market

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    In February and March I will be participating in two speaking engagements you might find beneficial if you are involved in the endurance sports business. I’m used to working behind the scenes so candidly I’m a bit nervous, but also excited to share and hopefully provide some valuable information. Hope you can make it!

    Active Network Free WebinarCreate impactful media coverage around your next event

    Wednesday, February 9, 2011 from 1-2 p.m. PST

    Positive media coverage can result in increased participation and bigger sponsorships, attract higher profile athletes, as well as enhance the reputation of your race organization.

    In this webinar I will discuss:

    – Tools and resources for getting your news out
    – Best practices when working with the media
    – 10 pitch ideas and tips to get media coverage about your event
    – Crisis management

    Hear and see examples of what’s worked, what hasn’t and ask questions to help make your next event memorable.

    Triathlon America ConferenceTriathlon in the Media Panel

    Tuesday, March 1, 2011, from 9:30 – 1:30 a.m. PST

    Hear from some of the industry’s most relevant media experts about what trends are important to the press, hot topics and best pitch practices for the trade media and beyond.

    Panelists include: Andrew Hersam (Executive Vice President, Competitor Group, Inc.), Claude Ruibal (Chairman, Universal Sports), Dan Empfield (Publisher, Slowtwitch.com), Tina Wilmott (President, The Wilmott Group) moderated by Bob Babbitt.